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Feb 12, 2010: Food Not Bombs Las Vegas caters your picket line (come rain or shine): FNB at the NV Energy corporate headquarters picket, Feb. 9

On Tuesday, February 9, about 200 union workers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Culinary Workers’ Union, and the AFL-CIO and Building & Construction Trades Council, rallied in the cold and rain to protest NV Energy’s plans to cancel its union contract with the IBEW and to cut retiree health benefits while the company is making record profits, raising consumer electrical rates, and taking $130,000,000 out of worker’s pockets through tax-funded federal bail-out money.

While Food Not Bombs Las Vegas has no official position on the labor dispute, part of our mission is to support community organizing and protest by providing hot, fresh food to our fellow workers on the picket line. So on Tuesday, a crew of four Food Not Bombs rolled out to set up a table with hot food and fresh fruit for the picketers. Kaleb, Charles, Kelly, and new member Katie (a veteran FNBer from Omaha) handed out free vegetable soup, rice with onions, curried rice with eggplant, vegan green bean casserole, homestyle potatoes, and fresh bananas and apples. (Gail cooked up the soup and the rice with onions, and Dave and Gail’s husband Joe delibered the rice, soup, and bananas.)

We had literature available, but the rain made it difficult to hand it out. Still, we helped warm up quite a few people on the picket line, had a lot of great conversations, made some good connections with local workers and unionists, and got the good word and some good food out. Now if only we had the fundraising to pick up a booth tent…

Food Not Bombs will cater your picket line or protest. Part of the FNB mission is to support community organizing and protest, and if you are planning an event — whether a picket, a protest, a vigil, or an encuentro, if you’d like some fresh, hot, free vegan food (to warm up supporters, to give kids something sweet to chew on, to boost morale, or to just to put on a great community meal), be sure to contact us to let us know about your plans. We’re happy to set up just about anywhere we’re invited!

Sep 29, 2009: Picket Chipotle! for fair food and a living wage for farmworkers. TOMORROW, Wed. 9/30, 11am-2pm, at the Chipotle on Maryland and Harmon

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a grassroots, community-based union representing farmworkers in central Florida, has called on fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and other large tomato buyers to step up and help farmworkers gain a living wage for their work — by agreeing to pay an extra penny per pound of tomatoes that they purchase from large tomato growers, which will go directly to the farmworkers who picked those tomatoes. (The penny-per-pound program costs participating buyers only a quarter for every 25-pound box of fresh tomatoes that they buy — but it could raise farmworkers’ wages by almost two-thirds. In an industry where the average worker makes approximately $10,000/year, and where wages have not risen significantly since 1978, the penny-per-pound program could finally break through this exploitation, and offer many farmworkers a chance to finally win a living wage for their labor.) Since the C.I.W. began its penny-per-pound campaign, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Whole Foods have all signed agreements with the C.I.W. committing to participate in the penny-per-pound program, and to implement codes of conduct requiring their suppliers to respect the rights and safety of farmworkers in their fields. But Chipotle — while promising “Food With Integrity” and marketing themselves to customers as a leader in socially-responsible business practices — has repeatedly refused to sign any penny-per-pound agreement with the C.I.W. Let’s tell Chipotle that we don’t enjoy the taste of exploitation!

In solidarity with Immokalee farmworkers and the C.I.W.’s historic campaign, MEChA de UNLV has called for a DEMONSTRATION TOMORROW (Wednesday, 9/30) 11 A.M. – 2 P.M. in front of the Chipotle location at Maryland and Harmon, across the street from UNLV. Join us! Bring a sign, bring a friend; most importantly bring yourself. Chipotle exploits farmworkers — let’s tell them ya basta!

WHAT: Picket for fair food and the C.I.W.’s penny-per-pound agreement

WHERE: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Maryland and Harmon, across the street from UNLV.

WHEN: Wednesday, 9/30/2009, 11:00 A.M. – 2 P.M.

WHO: Anyone who supports a living wage for farmworkers and opposes exploitation!

Hope to see y’all there!

For more information on the C.I.W. and its campaign, check out their website at