Sep 29, 2014: Food Not Bombs Has Moved (Back) to Huntridge Circle Park

As of September 28th 2014, Food Not Bombs Las Vegas has begun holding our weekly vegetarian/vegan picnics at Huntridge Circle Park, rather than Baker Park. Baker Park was used as our weekly location for Food Not Bombs Las Vegas meals and other events for over six years, since the closing of Circle Park and served that purpose quite well until recent changes within the park limited the useable space available within the park. Those and various other reasons that went into the decision to move are explain in more detail within the attached statement.

Also, as most everyone familiar with Food Not Bombs Las Vegas knows, there is a bit of a history between the city and FNBLV involving Circle Park. In fact, the local government’s inability to legally prevent us from feeding hungry people there (and elsewhere) led to the park’s closure (the convenient excuse involved a stabbing). Although we do have some sentimental feelings about returning to where Food Not Bombs originally started in Las Vegas, the reasons for picking Circle Park (once again, discussed in more detail in the statement below), are based more on convenience, need, and proximity than those nostalgic motivations.


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