Jul 5, 2011: Action in Support of Orlando Food Not Bombs, 7-1-11

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas demonstrated in front of City Center at 5 p.m. on July 1 to protest “do not feed” laws in Orlando. Nine members set up a table and gave bread and vegan soup to passersby. Many of the people we served were homeless, and many of them were veterans.

Over 20 members of Food Not Bombs Orlando have been arrested for violating these laws, which require anyone who wants to feed the homeless to get a permit from the city government. If convicted, they could spend 60 days in jail and be forced to pay a $500 fine for each violation.

We believe that being hungry, or trying to alleviate that hunger, shouldn’t be a crime. We believe that you don’t need permission from the government to feed the hungry, which includes the working poor with homes as well as the homeless. Some of our members have experience with “do not feed” laws in Las Vegas and can understand the plight of our Orlando colleagues.

Photos of the demonstration can be found here (courtesy of Kelly W. Patterson) and here (courtesy of Donald Rilea).

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