May 11, 2011: Mother’s Day Picnic in Baker Park, Sunday May 8, 2011

This past Sunday, from 10:30am – 12pm, Food Not Bombs Las Vegas gathered for our weekly Free Picnic in the Park in Baker Park. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a big meal, some good conversation, and a welcome-back. We shared rice, chili beans, vegetable soup, ravioli and sweet muffins for the meal, with iced coffee, cold water, orange juice and citrus punch for the drinks. We battled the wind, tried to hold down our table, and enjoyed an unseasonally cool afternoon. About 30 people joined in the meal this week, including Food Not Bombs organizers Sarita, Daniel, and Sean. We welcomed back Charles, who was able to come back to the park for the first time after a long work-imposed hiatus. Dave brought hot food from Gail.

We had a great meal, and some good conversations about the day, about different models of social change, about Anarchism, about the situation with food donations, and the future of Food Not Bombs in Las Vegas.

We come out to Baker Park every Sunday to share a free vegan picnic with food for anyone who wants to eat.

See you at the park next week!

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