Jul 4, 2010: Feeding the Revolution at Baker Park — Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today, Sunday, July 4, Food Not Bombs Las Vegas gathered to celebrate Revolution Day and to hold our weekly Free Picnic in the Park at Baker Park, from 10:30am to 12pm. We had rice, veggie chili, salad, vegetable soup with rye bread, fresh fruit, and banana bread, with juice, water, and some iced coffee¬† to drink. FNBers Daniel, Charles, Sarita, and Sean; Gail sent along some food. And three new friends we met at this weekend’s First Friday tabling came on down to join us, with some delicious vegan lemon bars. We put on the boombox, talked about the World Cup and local organizing in Vegas, and had a great time Feeding The Revolution. All told, about 25 people joined in the meal at the Park.

This was a special occasion because of the holiday; but we come out to Baker Park every Sunday to share a free vegan picnic, with food for anyone who wants to eat. See you at the park next week!

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