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Jul 6, 2010: Wednesday Picnics in Paradise (Park)!

We’re happy to announce that Food Not Bombs Las Vegas has opened up a second weekly Free Picnic in the Park! In addition to our ongoing Sunday picnics at Baker Park, FNBers, activists, community members, and anyone who’s hungry will now be joining together for a free vegan meal and community picnic, every Wednesday from 4-6pm, at Paradise Park (4775 McLeod Dr, in between Harmon & Tropicana. Paradise Park is a great space, with a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere, some beautiful trees, lots of shade, playground equipment for kids, and a lot of picnic tables.

And you’re invited! Come on down and join us for community, conversation, and a delicious vegan meal. Please feel free to drop in whenever you can — it’s a picnic, and many folks who can’t make it at 4 might be able to make it at 5 or 5:30.

If you’re interested in volunteering to help bring food or drinks to the picnic, or in helping to prep and cook food with other FNBers, contact Charles (by e-mail, or by voice or text at 734-262-2129).

WHAT: Food Not Bombs Las Vegas new Wednesday weekly meal

WHEN: This Wednesday, 7/7, 4pm-about 6:30pm, and every Wednesday thereafter 4-6pm.

WHERE: Paradise Park, 4775 McLeod Dr (between Harmon and Tropicana), Las Vegas

WHO: Anyone who wants to eat!

We’ll be out at Paradise Park every Wednesday from here on out. Feel free to spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested in this community/activist picnic.

See you at the park!

Jul 4, 2010: Feeding the Revolution at Baker Park — Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today, Sunday, July 4, Food Not Bombs Las Vegas gathered to celebrate Revolution Day and to hold our weekly Free Picnic in the Park at Baker Park, from 10:30am to 12pm. We had rice, veggie chili, salad, vegetable soup with rye bread, fresh fruit, and banana bread, with juice, water, and some iced coffee¬† to drink. FNBers Daniel, Charles, Sarita, and Sean; Gail sent along some food. And three new friends we met at this weekend’s First Friday tabling came on down to join us, with some delicious vegan lemon bars. We put on the boombox, talked about the World Cup and local organizing in Vegas, and had a great time Feeding The Revolution. All told, about 25 people joined in the meal at the Park.

This was a special occasion because of the holiday; but we come out to Baker Park every Sunday to share a free vegan picnic, with food for anyone who wants to eat. See you at the park next week!

Jul 3, 2010: Food Not Bombs Las Vegas @ First Friday in downtown Las Vegas, July 2, 2010

Las Vegas Food Not Bombers Sarita, Charles and Brian had a great time tabling for FNBLV at this month’s First Friday in the downtown Arts District on July 2 from 7-11:30pm. We set up an outreach table with banana bread, pastries, fresh fruit, lemonade and iced coffee; we also had handbills to get the word out about our weekly picnics, literature, Food Not Bombs bumperstickers and buttons. Charles did the baking and FNBer Kelly contributed literature and merch.

We got a great response from folks passing by the booth, whether just because they were looking for a bite to eat, or because they knew Food Not Bombs and wanted to know how to get involved here in Vegas. We had a lot of great conversations with friends old and new.

See you at the park this weekend — and at the next First Friday in August!