Mar 4, 2010: Picnic in Baker Park, February 28

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas held our weekly Free Picnic in the Park at Baker Park on February 21st from 10:30am to 12pm. We had rice, chili beans, vegetable soup, sweet potatoes, stewed squash, salad,  banana bread and fruit for the main course, with orange juice and fruit punch to drink.

It was a beautiful day out but a small group. About 15 people joined in the meal this week. Food Not Bombs organizers Charles, Kelly, Daniel, Nick, Vanessa, and Gail were there. It was beautiful and warm as long as the sun stayed out, but with a wind that kept blowing around our utensils. Dogs were walkedBut we persevered, threw around the football, listened to some music and talked about community organizing. Hope the weather gets better, and see you at the park next week!

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