Nov 12, 2009: Reportback from outreach tabling at Cyanide Destruct show on Tuesday, Nov. 10

On Tuesday, a few of us went down to the punk show at the East Bonanza Theater to do some outreach tabling for Food Not Bombs Las Vegas.

The show featured the Hardpipe Hitters, The Kurgans, Assanine, and the headlining act, Cyanide Destruct (who came down from Seattle, Washington). We set up a card table in the lobby of the venue with pamphlets, handbills about our weekly free picnic in Baker Park, a sign-up sheet for people who are interested in getting involved, and some free bananas and vegan pumpkin bread for anyone who wanted some food.

Vegas FNBers Vanessa and Joey put together the outreach event and brought the food. Charles helped out with staffing the table and brought out the literature. We made a couple of new contacts, had some good conversations, and gave out all the food we had on hand, but most importantly, we got our name out there. Vanessa says she plans for this to be the first of many outreach events at shows. (And Charles is planning to get together a fuller “outreach kit” to lay out at future events: buttons, bumperstickers, eye-catching literature, a banner, and more.) If you’re interested in volunteering to help out with future outreach tables at evening and nighttime music shows, drop us a line in the comments section or contact an organizer to let us know.

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