Nov 1, 2009: Picnic in Baker Park, Sunday November 1

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas came together for our weekly Free Picnic in the Park at Baker Park today from 10am to 12pm. We had some bread, rice, chili, potatoes, soup, and lots of salad to eat, with orange juice and fruit punch to drink.

It was a gorgeous day out but a smaller picnic than some — about 20 people joined in the meal this week. (Partly because it’s early on the month, I guess.) Food Not Bombs organizer Daniel, Charles, Kelly, and Scott were there. Joe brought out hot food that Gail had made. We put some music on the boombox, talked about immigration freedom and the upcoming Living Without Borders conference at UNLV, and moved forward on plans for beginning a second weekly picnic, on Wednesdays.

Next week many Food Not Bombs organizers will be at the Living Without Borders encuentro, including Kelly (who’s organizing volunteers for a Food Not Bombs Las Vegas outreach table; if you’re interested in volunteering to staff the table on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, contact us to sign up), and Charles (who is presenting a workshop on anarchism, and also coordinating food for the participants at the encuentro). There will be a free Food Not Bombs breakfast and lunch for everyone at the encuentro on Saturday and Sunday.

Hope to see you all next week, whether at the encuentro or at the Picnic in the Park!

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