Oct 18, 2009: Picnic in Baker Park, Sunday October 18

We had our weekly Food Not Bombs Las Vegas Picnic in the Park at Baker Park today from 10am to 12pm. We had bread, rice, chili, salad, and bananas, with orange juice and fruit punch to drink. It was a beautiful day out and a big meal — about 40 people joined in the meal this week. Food Not Bombs organizers Charles, Daniel, Kelly, Dave, Shine, and Nelson were there. Joe brought out hot food that Gail had made, and Gail joined us later during the meal.

We put some music on the boombox, talked about the city government’s legal maneuvers in cases over their attempts to lock down access to public parks, and talked about the possibility of starting a second weekly picnic. I

. We also had orange juice, fruit punch, lime soda, and homemade grape juice to drink. As a special treat, Chef Mayra brought vegan brownies and vegan carrot cake for dessert.

About 30 people came to join us in the meal. Food Not Bombs organizers Scott, Daniel, Charles, Gail, Kelly, and Chef Mayra were there. We put some music on the boombox and talked about the worsening situation with the city government’s so-called “social services.”

Hope to see you all next week!

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