Sep 10, 2009: Food Not Bombs Las Vegas organizing meetup on Saturday, 12 September at 3:00pm

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas will be holding its next organizing meeting THIS SATURDAY (9/2) at 3:00pm at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Running Rebel Plaza, 4550 S. Maryland Pkwy. (It’s right across the street from UNLV at Harmon.)

  • WHAT: Food Not Bombs Las Vegas organizational meetup
  • WHEN: Saturday, 12 September 2009, 3:00pm
  • WHERE: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Running Rebel Plaza, 4550 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119
The tentative agenda for the meeting will cover our three major projects for the fall: the Living Without Borders activist conference at UNLV, a benefit concert in late November, and expanding to a second weekly picnic in a park.
  1. Donations and cars: for many reasons (some of them listed below) it’s going to be important for us to organize a schedule of who can do food pick-ups, what stores to contact for donations, and who has cars available for FNB to be able to do its work. If you’ve got a car available for FNB, let us know! If you’ve got time during either the mornings or the early evening when you could do food pick-ups, let us know! If you know anyone who works for a grocery store or a restaurant, let us know! If you can contact the manager or back-room worker at a grocery store or restaurant in town, let us know!
  2. Living Without Borders, November 7-8. The UCIR Living Without Borders encuentro (conference) is an upcoming community/activist gathering focused on freedom, human rights, and dignity for all im/migrants. This year Living Without Borders will be held the weekend of November 7-8. They have invited us to provide Food Not Bombs food for participants.
  3. Benefit concert, late November. Food Not Bombs Las Vegas has been approached by a local band which would like to put on a benefit concert working with Food Not Bombs Las Vegas. They’d provide the music and arrange the venue; we’d provide food, and information for anyone who wants it, about our group. The concert would be in late November.
  4. Project Saturday. Together with working to prepare and build up our capacity for the big November events, we also need to work on expanding our base of donations, volunteers, and cooking space — all of which we can test-run by opening up a second weekly picnic in the park on Saturdays.
  5. Other outreach opportunities. Any other outreach opportunities that y’all can think of for the upcoming fall! If you know of anything, drop us a line or mention it at the meeting!
If there is anything further that you want to make sure that we discuss at the upcoming meeting, or if you have any questions, leave a comment on this post, or contact me (Charles) by e-mail or by phone or text at (734) 262-2129. If you’re definitely interested but cannot, for whatever reason, make the meeting, please contact me with some times when you will be able to meet up to touch base.

Let’s get together and get on this. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up, and Food Not Bombs Las Vegas has the chance to build a lot of bridges this fall. Hope to see you all there on Saturday!

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